About us

The Biblical Garden sits between the medieval Elgin Cathedral dating back to the 13th century and Cooper Park which was gifted to Elgin by Colonel George A Cooper in 1903. This wonderful garden has 110 plants with Biblical references. Spring here is glorious, the warm morning sunshine, so welcoming after the long winter months. The joyfulness of bird song, buds bursting into an array of colour on previously dormant branches and new shoots appearing from the soil, the cycle of life begins again. The summer borders demonstrate the ‘beauty of creation’ in a brilliant mass of colour. This leads on to an extensive range of shrubs and herbaceous plants. Autumn colour is most vibrant as observed in our splendid specimen trees such as Cercidiphyllum japonica and Liquidambar styraciflua. Winter has a magnificence of its own. Once the leaves have fallen, the architecture of the plants and garden can be truly seen.
We have many visitors from all over the world. These include people with an interest in the Bible, many with a botanical curiosity and those with simply a love of gardening and plants.